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Hot Flannel or washcloth over eyes doesn't work

If you are using a hot flannel for a hot eye compress, you are not doing enough.

Why are my eyedrops not helping my dry eyes?

If you have used several eyedrops and still have issues, you may be using the wrong type for your particular dry eye.

Can't get on with Varifocals or Progressives?

One recent study showed that 51% of all varifocal wearers with basic varifocals/progressives got on with the standard basic lens design.

How to become an optometrist or dispensing optician

Valarie Jerome Optometrists is happy to be a part of a local secondary school's Career Fair. We are pleased to share with students why our profession is so important to us and what important role we play in healthcare. Read more here to find out how you can become an optometrist or dispensing optician.

February is AMD Awareness Month

February is AMD Awareness Month 8/2/20201 Comment Picture What is AMD? AMD is a common condition that affects many of us later in life. Some can get it as early as their 40s but it is more common in our 70s, 80s and 90s. AMD affects the macula. The macula is responsible for our central vision. The peripheral vision is generally still good but try to imagine going through life only using your side vision. It is very difficult and can be very discouraging to patients as they may not be able to see the face of a dear loved one or read what is right in front of them.

 Low Level Light Therapy to treat Dry Eyes

At Valarie Jerome Optometrists, we are pleased to now offer Low Level Light Therapy for our dry eye patients in our new Eye Spa. Low level light therapy (LLLT) initially began its use in dermatology for wrinkles, skin scars, acne scars, and healing of burns. In recent years LLLT has been used for treating blepharitis and dry eyes for those suffering with these chronic conditions.

Eye Spa at Valarie Jerome

We are pleased to now offer a new dedicated space to offer the latest treatments for dry eye. We are helping your eyes to look good, feel good and see good.

 Should I clean my eyelashes daily?

Short answer - YES! ​How clean are your eyelashes and eyelids? This patient's lashes are looking really clean. If you are not cleaning your lids and lashes every day, you could develop something called blepharitis.

Ortho K Lenses

Pleased to announce we now offer Ortho K treatment with lenses with Menicon Z Night. Ortho K allows short-sighted persons to see well during the day without the need for glasses or contacts. Sleep in the specially designed contact lenses during the night then take out and wake up to clearer vision!

 IPL dry eye and rosacea treatment in Newbury

Always striving to provide our patients with the latest technology in the treatment and management of ocular disease and vision, Valarie Jerome Optometrists is pleased to announce the new addition of IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments with OptiClear at our practice here in Newbury. This clinically proven IPL technology is used to treat those who suffer from dry eyes or rosacea.