Eye Spa at Valarie Jerome

Now Open

The Eye Spa at Valarie Jerome Optometrists

What is an Eye Spa you ask? Well it is all about treatments to help your eyes look better, feel better and see better. Doesn't that sound amazing?

A new dedicated space to offer our patients the latest innovative technologies to treat condition like dry eye and blepharitis.  We are pleased to be the first in our area to offer treatments of IPL (Intense Pulse Light), LLLT (low level light therapy) and Zest blepharitis treatments to our patients providing long term relief for these chronic eye conditions.  In addition to treating the conditions and improving the way the eyes feel, we are also able to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

Check out our blogs on each of the new innovative Eye Spa services that we offer.  Any questions, please give our staff a ring on 01635 528844 today.