Do our eyes age like the rest of our body?

The time comes when we all experience age related changes.  Our eyes and vision are no different than the rest of the body; our eyes age and change as well.  In addition to changes to our vision, the eye health also alters with age.  Sure there are all the common conditions we've heard of - cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration; but there are other conditions that are age related as well - dry eyes, droopy/hooded eyelids, and blepharitis. 

What can we do to help our eyes from ageing? What Anti-Ageing Vision Solutions are there?

Well, in short, Anti-Ageing Vision Solutions are used to maintain best eye health and maximise the vision despite age related changes.

Not that long ago, to treat what I have and call the "Post 40 Eyes", bifocals were the best on the market to help vision.  Now, treatment plans include using premium varifocal spectacle lenses without the line (no one will know!).  You may want to have contacts as an option as there are various uses of them to help with your vision post 40.  Management of dry eyes and lid disease can help to improve the appearance of the lids.  Certain vitamin supplements can help to provide extra nutrition to our eyes and lower the risk factors for certain age related diseases. Even certain eye exercises can assist with lubrication and dry eye relief. Specific eye makeup removal creams and cleansers are key to best eyelid health and appearance. 

Knowing the right products to have and to use is key to keeping youthful vision and eyes.